RPR220 Optoelectronic Switch

RPR220 Optoelectronic Switch Reflective Optical Coupling Sensor

Product Description:
The RPR-220 is a reflective photosensor. The emitter is a GaAs infrared light emitting diode and the detector is a high-sensitivity, silicon planar phototransistor. A custom lamp was developed to enable the achievement of a smaller package than with conventional reflectors.

External dimensions (Units: mm): 260

Sensors: Reflective photosensor (photoreflector) RPR-220

Compact disk players, Copiers, Game machines,
Office automation equipment

1) A plastic lens is used for high sensitivity.
2) A built-in visible light filter minimizes the influence of stray light.
3) Lightweight and compact.

Absolute maximum ratings: (Ta = 25_C)261

Electrical and optical characteristics (Ta = 25_C)

Electrical and optical characteristic curves262

Circuit for testing transfer characteristics


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