PQI Air Card

PQI Air Card Wifi

PQI introduces the next in wireless revolution – the PQI Air Card Wi-Fi Memory Card! The PQI Air Card incorporates the latest Wi-Fi technology into a standard memory card, enabling «instant sharing» anytime and anywhere without the need of annoying wires. Regardless of the location, files can be immediately transferred in a simple step without the need of a computer or card reader, and the instant sharing of files will no longer be a problem. PQI brings an unprecedented convenience unseen in previous technology.

Snap and Share:
PQI Air Card allows you to browse through pictures stored on your digital camera via Wi-Fi handheld devices (smartphone, tablet PC) and share videos and pictures on the Cloud.

Flexible Specifications:
Various microSDHC card formats supported—switching cards is easier than ever! For better compatibility, please use PQI microSDHC card.

Dedicated «PQI Air Card+» App:
Simple operation via PQI exclusive «PQI Air Card+» App for both iOS and Android.

Easy to use, no setup required:
Wi-Fi is automatically turned on along with the camera (DSC / DSLR) providing an easy, hassle free set-up

«Instant Sharing» and Instant Transfer:
PQI Air Card lets you instantly upload and share your videos, pictures, and audio files. And with the exclusive Air Card+ app, you can upload your content through email or post them on Facebook to share with your friends.

Supports up to 3 simultaneous connections:
Easily share your most precious moments anytime and anywhere with instant file sharing techonology that enables up to three simultaneous connections.

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