Sponges Cleaning Pad

Sponges Cleaning Pad

Universal Soldering Iron Replacement Sponges Solder Iron Tip Cleaning Pads blue 6cm*6cm*1cm

Product Description:
Hese Soldering Iron Sponges are ideal to be used as replacements for old sponges
Use to keep your soldering tip clean
Moisten slightly before use
Suitable for all Silverline soldering irons & most other brands
Size of each sponge(Approx): Dry 6cm x 6cm x 1cm thick Wed 60mm x 60mm x 2mm thick
Color: Blue
Use for: Remove solder residue, maintain PCB components clean.

Notice: Please soak the sponge in water before use!

Package Includes:
1 Sponges Cleaning Pad

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