MHL to HDMI TV Adapter USB OTG Card Reader

MHL to HDMI HDTV HD TV Adapter USB OTG Card Reader Camera Connection kit for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 S4 I9500 Note 2
MHL to HDMI HDTV HD TV Adapter USB OTG Card Reader Camera Connection kit

Product Description:
This product is with USB OTG and MHL function for mobile phone design. Small adapter to your smartphone video or picture output to HDTVs, Monitors, Projectors play. Read anywhere at any time of USB flash disk, SD/TF/M2 memory cards. Make difference user experience.

Micro-11p USB connector
Support read SD/TF/M2 memory cards
Support USB 2.0 host to connect USB disk, mouse, keyboard
Support MHL to HDMI output to HDTV
Suppoerts Max resolution to 1080p and all bandwidth between 25-75MHz
Support 8 channel (e.g. 7.1 surround sound) uncompressed audio
Suppoerts High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)
Support audio transfer up to 192kHz
Through the micro usb power supply to the products
Easy to use, driver installation free

Compliant with MHL1.1 and HDMI 1.4a specification
USB specification compliance USB1.1 for 12Mbps,USB 2.0 for 480Mbps
Compliant with Cards:SD/TF/M2.
USB support:USB disk, mouse, keyboard
Video: 1080p
Audio: 8-channel(e.g.7.1 surround) digital audio
Power supply: DC 5V 1A through micro usb
Operation temperature: -10~50°C
Storage temperature: -20~75°C
Producut size: 7.4cm(L) X 5cm(W) X 1.4cm
Weight: 26g
Type of Packing: Color Box
Compatible with the following:
For Samsung S IV / i9500 , Galaxy Note II / N7100 , GALAXY SIII / i9300, and others.

Package contents:
1 MHL and OTG Card Reader

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