AC220V 30W Electric Vacuum Solder Sucker – Desoldering Pump

220V 30W Electric Vacuum Solder Sucker /Desoldering Pump / Iron Gun Welding Tool
AC220V 30W Electric Vacuum Solder Sucker/Desoldering Pump/Iron Gun Welding Tool

Product Description:
100% quality and Brand new.
Appearance, novel structure, easy to use and clean Desoldering
It can easily change components from the circuit board taken down without damage to the components and circuit boards.
Electric suction tin can draw the melted solder extremely accurate, smooth disconnect parts.

Voltage: AC 220V-50Hz
Power: 30W
Preheat: 3-5 minutes

Check voltage match, too high or too low voltage is not conducive to use.
Tighten of Tsui and pump part, want to suck before use to prevent leakage, and otherwise affect Desoldering effect.
Often cleared to enter the solder impurities within the suction nozzle and the pump, and a little oil to the piston and
After each use, to push the piston 3-4 times to remove residual solder within the straw to make the nozzle and straw smooth, so that the next time you use.
The Desoldering energized, non-installation and removal of the electric part of the Parts

Stuck the piston handle is pushed down, Desoldering iron absorption Tsui front end alignment intention of seizing the next element of the solder joints, pressing the control button until the solder melts, the solder shall be sucked into the pump within.
Removing the pump when the the pump upper end of the direction of the arrow forced under pressure and poor at the same time the pump handle is pulled, the pump can be separated out, remove the suction nozzle, suction nozzle counterclockwise spin move, the suction nozzle to remove.

Package Included:
1 PCB board through the needle
1 1.4mm nozzle
1 2.0mm nozzle

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