BEIKE BK-777 Professional magnesium aluminium tripod

BEIKE BK-777 Professional magnesium aluminium ally tripod for all camera

Product Description:

Brand BK
Style Professional Tripod
Model Number 777
Material magnesium aluminium ally
Color Black
Head Style:Ball Head
Way: 360
Folding height 350mm
Max operating height 1500mm
Net weight 1570g
Max loading Capacity 8kg
Leg Sections 5
Leg lock style spin lock
Diameter 25mm

1. material: aluminium.
2. with 5 section tuber, and 360 degree ballhead, it can easy to adjust angle.
3. with 2 section center column for the tripod have maxheigt. fold back just 35cm.
4. can fold back 180 degree
5. screw leg locks, stability.
6. the surface is deal with special anodic oxidation, There is a great deal of wear in this stuff.
7. it’s a 2 in 1 tripod, can disassemble to monopod.
8. CNC machine do the parts is too hard, very steady.

Package Contents:
1 BK-777 Camera Tripod
1 Original Package

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