LCD 1602 Keypad Shield

16x2 Shield

LCD 1602 Keypad Shield for UNO / input output expansion board / 1602 LCD EXPANSION BOARD + Keyboard

Product Description:
Arduino LCD1602 character LCD expansion board, PCB Immersion Gold processing technology, the use of materials and a motherboard with a new high-quality 2-line 16-character LCD, not only has a contrast adjustment knob, backlight selector switch, with four directional buttons, a select button and a reset button; simplify the circuit in the true sense of this 1602 expansion board, this board is plugged into the Arduino Duemilanove controller can be.

Module size: 20.5mm × 41mm
Module Weight: 57g

LCD 1602 main technical parameters:
1 .. capacity: 16 x 2 characters
2 .. chip working voltage :4.5-5 .5 V
3 .. Operating Current: 2.0mA (5.0V)
4 .. module operating voltage: 5.0V
5 .. characters Dimensions: 2.95 x 4.35 (W × H) mm


Package including:
1 1602 LCD Board Blue Backlight Keypad Shield

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