DRV8833 2 Channel DC Motor Driver

DRV8833 2 Channel DC Motor Driver Module Board 1.5A 3V-10V H-Bridge

Product Description:
1. Size:18.5*16mm
2. Input voltage: 3V-10V
3. Single H-Bridge output current: 1.5A (It can drive two DC motor)
4. Overcurrent protection: YES
5. Short circuit protection: YES
6. Undervoltage lockout: YES
7. Overheating protection: YES
8. With a low-power sleep mode

1. ULT PIN: mode set.Low level is sleep mode
2. OUT1, OUT2: 1-channel H-bridge controlled by IN1/IN2
3. OUT3, OUT4: 2-channel H-bridge controlled by IN3/IN4
4. EEP PIN: Output protection.Default no need to connect.
5. VCC: 3-10V
6. GND

1. DC motor which drive current is less then 1.5A
2. 4-wire step motor


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