NB-6L Rechargeble Li-ion Battery for Canon


Digital Camera NB-6L NB 6L NB6L Rechargeble Li-ion battery for Canon D10 SD770 SD980 SD1200 IS NB6L

Product Description:
Product safety is our top concern our batteries come with standard overvoltage and overheating protection
The best replacement spare battery for your camera
Our battery is sent out with little or no power, so please charge it for about 4-6 hours before using.
Get the certification of CE
Battery type: lithium Ion
Model: NB-6L
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Output voltage: 3.7V

Suitable Models:
Canon Digital IXUS Series
Canon Digital IXUS 85 IS, Digital IXUS 95 IS, Digital IXUS 105,
Canon Digital IXUS 200 IS, Canon Digital IXUS 210,
Canon IXY 110 IS, Canon IXY DIGITAL 25 IS,
Canon PowerShot D10,
Canon PowerShot S90,
Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS, Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS,
Canon PowerShot SD3500 IS, Canon PowerShot SD770 IS,
Canon PowerShot SD980 IS

Do not open, modify or incinerate.
Can cause fire and burn hazard. Do not expose to high temperature, (140F).
Keep the battery pack out of reach of children and in original package until ready to use.
Dispose of used battery pack promptly

Pacakge Including:
1 NB-6L battery

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