UVM-30A UV Sensor Module


UVM-30A UV Sensor Module UV Detection Module

Product Description:
A long size: 28mm X 12mm X height 10mm width
Second, the main name: UV detection sensor
Three characteristics:
Operating voltage: DC 3-5V
Output voltage: DC 0-1V
Test accuracy: ± 1UV INDEX
Operating Current: 0.06mA max 0.1mA typ
Response Wavelength: 200nm-370nm
job stability: -20 ° -85 °
◆ designed for applications requiring high reliability and precision measuring UV Index (UVI) designed for the occasion ;
◆ suitable for measuring the amount of UV intensity of sunlight ;
◆ control World Health Organization classification standard UV Index
◆ UV detection wavelength :200-370nm;
◆ fast response , full interchangeability ;
◆ Using a patented solid polymer structure , waterproof and dustproof easy to clean ;
◆ linear voltage signal output ;
◆ small size , suitable for mobile phones and other portable products.

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