3.2″ TFT LCD Display Module Touch Screen Shield Onboard Temperature Sensor

3.2″ TFT HX8352B LCD Display Module Touch Screen Shield Onboard Temperature Sensor + Pen for Arduino UNO R3 / Mega 2560 R3 / Leonardo

Product Description:
This is a 3.2 inch TFT touch screen expansion board using standard Shield interface and it has good compatibility. It integrates a 3.2-inch touch screen, I2C temperature sensor, TF card holder, level conversion circuit, and the secondary development is easy.
With GPRS module, you can design your Ar duino phone.
With NFC reader module, you can create access control systems with the photos show.
With voltage and current sensor, you can make oscilloscope.
– Can use it directly to display characters, graphics and BMP format images. And touch controlling is available;
– Compatibility: As the SD card is connected to SPI pins of ICSP interface, compatible with UNO R3 / Mega2560 / Leonardo
– Touch screen type: resistive touchscreen.
– Touch Pen: length is 9cm;
– Resolution: 240X400;
– Display size: 3.2 inch;
– Operating voltage: 5V;
– Logic level: 5V / 3.3V;
– On-board 3.3V / 300mA regulator circuit;
– Operating current: the maximum is 150mA
– Use the A0 ~ A3 pins, D4 ~ D13 pins. And I2C interface, D0 / D1 / D2 / D3 is available, please refer to the product schematics for the details.
– Onboard Micro SD slot, support Micro SD / TF Card;
– Onboard LM75 temperature sensor: default I2C address is 0X48, scale is -55 ~ 125’C
– Very suitable for digital photo frame, oscilloscope, function generator, detection system monitor

Download Library and Schematics for the details

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