12V Relay Soil Moisture Sensor

12V Soil Moisture

12V Relay Soil Moisture Sensor Controller Module Lower Humidity Start Automatic Watering

Product Description:
Humidity is below the set humidity start means that when soil moisture is below the set humidity , the relay will automatically pull, start spraying , water pumps , etc. do humidifying action reaches the set humidity is automatically stopped.

Adjustable via potentiometer control soil moisture threshold, which can automatically vegetable garden, garden automatic watering, household pots of soil moisture control, electronic game, etc., with a power relay, can control high current devices, less than the set humidity automatically start relay, more than the set humidity automatically disconnected , and a delay function to resolve without delay the humidity critical state relay flickered question is a simple and practical soil moisture control system.

1 Using the company\’s high-quality soil to make the soil moisture sensor detection surface is nickel plated, has widened sensing area can improve conductivity, prevent rust easily contact with soil problems and prolong life;
2 Products can be controlled over a wide range of soil moisture , adjustable via potentiometer control the corresponding threshold , the humidity is below the set value, the relay starts , higher than the set value, the relay is switched off;
3 Product with a delay function , delay 3-5 seconds , when the humidity in the critical condition is detected, the relay does not flicker , flicker occurs;
4 High-quality products using Songle relay can withstand the load of 1500W, meet the requirements of most people;
5 Products with a power indicator and relay instructions;

Electrical parameters:
Supply voltage: 12VDC
Input current: more than 100ma
Load: 250V 10A AC or DC 30V 10A (below a current of this range can be used)

Module for use:
1 Soil moisture sensor for detection;
2 Module blue potentiometer is used to adjust the soil moisture threshold , clockwise adjustment, control humidity greater counterclockwise smaller;
3 With a delay due to the module functions in the regulation of humidity values , each tune a need to wait for 5-8 seconds or so to see changes in the relay , the green LED lights also have the corresponding changes until transferred to meet the requirement.

Package Including:
1 Soil Humidity Sensor
1 Relay Control Module

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