MAX6675 Module + K Type Thermocouple


MAX6675 Module + K Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

Product Description:
MAXIM MAX6675 is an American company with a cold junction compensation, linearity correction, thermocouple break detection ADC Serial K-type thermocouple, its temperature resolution capability is 0. 25 Degree, cold junction compensation range – 20 ~ + 80 Degree, wide operating voltage range 3. 0 ~ 5. 5V

Operating voltage: 3. 0 ~ 5. 5V
Internal integrated cold junction compensation circuit;
With a simple three serial interface;
Temperature signal can be converted into 12-bit digital
Temperature resolution of: 0. 25 Degree;
Cold junction compensation range: – 20 ~ + 80 Degree,
Embedded thermocouple break detection circuitry.
Using SPI 3 wire communication
K-type temperature probe
Type K temperature range 0-1024 degrees

Code Sample

Package Included:
1 MAX6675 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor
1 Probe Spring

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