mSATA SSD for MacBook

SSD for MacBook a SSD for MacBook b

mSATA SSD for MacBook Pro Retina A1425 MD212 MD213 ME662 Adapter Card Support 256G 512G SA-182

Product Description:
1.The Adapter card don’t change speed and performanceq of hard drive.
2.You can use mSATA SSD replace 2012 Apple Retina A1425 MD212 MD213 ME662 SSD.

1.If your machine model is A1398,you can’t buy it, likely machine back shell can’t close because it is too thick.
2.The product only support 3*5 cm sze or 3*7 cm size mSATA SSD,not suppored SATA Mini PCI-E SSD and PATA Mini PCI-E SSD.
3.The Fixed column has 5 cm and 7 cm two places,the default installation at 5 cm place.
4.This product performance is being improved unceasingly, like has the change, not separate informs even slightly. Pictures for reference only, subject to our available products.

About Mini PCIe SSD interface standard:
1. Mini PCIe interface defined there are six,
A: mSATA Solid State Drive, using SATA protocol;
B: SATA MINI PCIE Solid State Drive, its nature is SATA interface, but the pin definition is different compared with mSATA solid State Drive;
C: PATA MINI PCIE Solid State Drive, its nature is IDE interface;
D: Raid mSATA;
E: 3G or WIFI module;
F: Inter Turbo Memory.

Six types of interface definition looks exactly the same, so please be sure to distinguish your solid state drive’s interface definition.

2: Mini PCIE interface solid hard except has interface definition of the difference, also has length of distinction:
A: Half high, length is 2.7 cm;
B: Full high, length is 5 cm;
C: Length is 7 cm.