2-6S Lipo Battery USB Charger Adapter

Battery USB Charger2-6S Lipo Battery USB Charger Adapter T Plug For Tablets and Smartphone

Product Description:
Support 2S-6S Lipo battery, output 5V (Max.output current 3A)
Could charge to any mobilephone, 2200 3S battery (test 12.6V-11.2V) could at least charge 4 iphone.
Multifunction. This small gadget not only could be used as cell phone charger but also be adopted to charge ipad, camera or USB fan. If you has a usb extension board, you could charge 3 pcs cell phone with 1 lipo battery at the same time.

Output: 5V, 3A
Compatible: For Phone iPhone iPad HTC
Color: Show as pictures
Size: 7cm x 2.3cm x 1.6cm
Net Weight: 17g

Package list:
1 Lipo Battery USB Charger