LED Digital Voltmeter DC


RED Second line precision dc digital voltmeter head LED digital voltmeter DC2.50 0.36 V – 32.0 V

Product Description:

Second line precision dc digital voltmeter

Model number:DSN – DMV036L – 2,Brand:D – the SUN
Baby description:
The precise voltage meter have a0.025%Resolution of the «core», can we have enough margin to ensure0.1%The accuracy of measurement.

Note: all product’s resolution0.1%To do it0.1%The accuracy of measurement.Our products are precision products is counterparts4Times as much.

Ultra-high precision
The lowest low start-up voltage, red2.5 VLowest, green2.7 VLowest, blue3.0 V.Power supply voltage is lower than3.5 VAs brightness is reduced, but does not affect the measurement accuracy.
Reverse connect protection, don’t burn.

Technical parameters:

Measuring range redDC2.50-32.0 V, green,DC2.70-32.0 V, blueDC3.00-30.0 V
Scope of supply Without additional power supply, directly using the measured voltage as the power, the range is same as above
The highest input DC32.0 V.Note: the input voltage is higher than32 vMay be permanent damage.
Margin of error 0.1%Automatic shift, the decimal pointMeasure the voltage> = 10.0 VWhen the measurement error is+ / – 0.1 V

Measure the voltage< = 9.99 VWhen the measurement error is+ / – 0.02 V

The input impedance > 100 ko
Current work red< 23 ma, green,< 18 ma, blue< 13 ma
The refresh rate about300 msAt a time
Display mode The three0.36 «LEDDigital tube
According to the color Red, blue, green, optional
The length of the lead 15 cm
Overall dimensions 23 x 15 x 10 mmThat longxwidexThick ear (not including installation);Including installation of ear length:33 mm
Annloadinghole Pitch:28 mmAperture:2.8 mm
net   heavy 4.7 g
MAO   heavy 5.3 g
Working temperature – 10°~ 65°

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