WT588D-16p 8M Voice Sound Module

WT588DWT588D-16p 8M Voice Sound Module

Product Description:
Best WT588D-16p IC Voice Chip Module Sound Module Audio Player 8M for Arduino
Article-Nr.: 5401325
Product Details: Sound Module
Module package (with FLASH memory and peripheral circuits) have DIP16, DIP28, chip packaging has DIP18, SSOP20 and LQFP32 form;
According to external or built-in SPI-Flash’s different, play different time, support 2M ~ 32Mbit SPI-Flash Memory;
Embedded DSP audio processor, fast processing speed;
Built 13Bit/DA converter, and 12Bit/PWM output, good sound quality; PWM output can directly drive 0.5W/8 speakers, push-pull current abundant;
Support DAC / PWM output of two ways;
Support loading WAV audio formats;
By professional PC operating software, any combination of voice, silence can be inserted, insert the mute does not take up memory capacity, a voice can be loaded to multiple addresses repeatedly
USB download mode, support online download / offline download; even in the case of WT588D voice chip electricity, will also be able to download the data to the SPI-Flash;
Support MP3 control mode, control mode button, 3 × 8 key combination control mode, parallel control mode, front-line serial control mode, three-wire serial control mode, and three-wire serial control I / O port expansion output mode;
Three-wire serial control mode to control the three-wire serial I / O port expansion only to send the data output mode can be switched
Arbitrary voice playback status display BUSY signal output;
Anti-interference, and can be used in industrial applications;
Section 220 can control the address bits, a single address can be loaded up 128 bits of voice, the voice within the address bit combination play;
Support the loaded audio player audition;
Voice playback stops immediately enter the sleep mode, the chip to a complete stop state;
15 kinds of key control mode, any key can be set to any of the control mode;
Supporting WT588D VoiceChip PC software, the interface is simple, easy to use. The play can greatly use WT588D voice chip;
Simple microcontroller written way
A single chip support multiple external memory;
Up to 500 segments can be loaded for editing audio;
Into the quiet time range 10ms ~ 25min;
Chip reset time 5ms;
Voltage DC2.8V ~ 5.5V;
Static sleep current less than 10uA;
Support load 6K ~ 22KHz audio sampling rate
Memory: 8M

WT588D Software
WT588D Software User Manual
Arduino Code Example

Package Included:
1 Sound Module

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