Robocat 270mm Quadcopter

Robocat 270mm 4 Axis Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame NAZE32 10DOF 2204 Motor 12A ESC props RC01

Product Description:

Robocat 270mm 4-Axis Carbon Fiber Mini Quadcopter
Wheelbase: 270mm
Material: 100% Carbon fiber
Removable hood make from shock-absorbing PC materials
Flying weight: 410~430 (Battery excluded)
Model net weight: 190g
Hood color: Black
1.5mm thick fuselage & 3mm thick arms
No assembled, just kit

2204 2300KV Motor:
Light weight design
Longer duration of flight
Low CG Design, decreasing vibration when motor runs
Using Japanese NMB ball bearing, Japanese Kawasaki stator, Ndfeb with strong magnetic and high temperature resistance, decreasing heat generation during pperation, increasing efficiency.
CW and CCW Propeller adapters, holding the propellers tight.
Designed for mini multicopters, better flight performance

KV: 2300
Max Trust: 440g
No. of cell: 2-3S
Framework: 12N14P
Propeller: 5″ – 6″
Length: 32.2mm
Shaft: 3mm
Diameter: 27.9mm
Weight: 25g

EMAX SimonK 12A Brushless ESC Speed Controller:
Constant Current: 12A
Input Voltage: 1-3 cell Lipoly
BEC: Yes (linear) [Remove middle wire to dissable]
BEC Output: 5V/1A
PWM: 8 KHz
Max RPM: 240,000rpm for 2 Pole Brushless Motor
Size: 22*17*7
Weight: 8g

Size: 36mm x 36mm
Version: 10dof
3-axis MEMS gyro + accelerometer (MPU6050)
3-axis magenetometer (HMC5883L)*
Pressure sensor (MS5611)*
Flexible motor output,support various airframe types
Quad/Hexa/Tri/Bi/Y4/Y6/Octo/Camera Gimbal (Default is Quad-X)
Up to 8 ch RC input-supports standrad receivers

(PWM), PPM Sum receiver (FrSky, etc), or Spektrum

Stellite receiver
Battery voltage monitoring
Modern 32 processor running at3.3V/72MHz

Onboard MicroUSB for setup and configuration
MultiWii-based configuration software for easy set

Note: Please be well noted that this product is not assembled and does not include lipo battery.

Package included:
1 Robocat cabron fiber frame kit (Yellow cover)
1 NAZE32 10DOF Flight Control Board
4 2204 2300kv Brushless Motor (2 cw + 2 ccw)
4 EMAX Simonk 12A ESC
1 ESC Connection Board
4 RGB LED lights board
2 pair 6030 Carbon Fiber Propeller
1 AT9 2.4GHz 9 Channel Transmitter Radio & Receiver