LVDS Cable for LCD Panel


Universal LVDS Cable for LCD Panel Support 14-26 inch Screen general LCD screen for Desktop and Laptop LCD screen

Product Description:
LVDS, or low-voltage differential signalling, was introduced in the mid-1990’s and is very popular in computers, where it forms part of very high-speed networks and computer buses. It is a high-speed digital interface that is used for several applications that require high noise immunity and low power consumption for high data rates. LVDS is used in several applications and industries, including commercial and military applications. The LVDS standard provides guidelines defining the electrical characteristics for driver output and receiver input of an LVDS interface. Growing demands for bandwidth have resulted in the development of high performance technologies based on high-speed LVDS connections. Due to the high noise immunity and low power aspects of LVDS and the great quantity of commercial off the shelf LVDS components, several military and aerospace applications have selected LVDS as a robust and long-term solution for high-speed data transmission.

51146-14pin single 6
51146-20pin single 6
51146-20pin single 8
51146-30pin double 8
DF-14-20pin Single 6
DF-14-20pin Single 8
DF-14-20pin double 6
DF-14-30pin double 8
DF-19-14pin single 6
DF-19-20pin single 6
DF-19-20pin single 8
DF-19-30pin double 8
FI-X 20pin single 6
FI-X 30pin single 6
FI-X 30pin single 8
FI-X 30pin double 6
FI-X 30pin double 8 (power on left)
FI-X 30pin double 8 (power on right)

LVDS Owner’s Manual National Semiconductor
LVDS Owner’s Manual Texas Instruments

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