pH Sensor Module Kit


Open Source pH Sensor Simulation pH Meter DIY KIT Development Board

Product Description:
Also in for a low cost, convenient to useopen source pH meter and worry? We launched a specially designed for the Arduino UNO controller simulation pH meter, has the characteristics of attachmentis simple, convenient and practical. The onboard power light, BNC interface and pH2.0 interface. Use, will received pH sensor onboard BNC interface, theonboard pH2.0 interface connected to the Arduino UNO controller simulation, throughthe program control, you can very convenient measuring the pH of the solution.
pH sensor electrode using glass electrode and reference electrode togethermolded case not filling type composite electrode, pH meter measuring elementand is used to measure the hydrogen ion activity in aqueous solution, the pH value.
The sensor with thick black boxes, enclosed black high quality rubber cushion, full protection components, not only beautiful and generous. Attached to thecore components – pH electrode manual for proper use convenient user’s secondary development.

Water quality testing

Module Power: 5.00V
Module Size: 43mmx32mm
Measuring Range: 0-14PH
Measuring Temperature: 0-60 deg
Accuracy: ± 0.1pH (25 deg)
Response Time: ≤ 1min
pH Sensor with BNC Connector
pH2.0 Interface ( 3 foot patch )
Gain Adjustment Potentiometer
Power Indicator LED

Usage, Sample Code, Documents

Shipping List:
1 pH sensor (BNC connector)
1 pH sensor circuit board
1 Analog cable

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