Oxymeter Rechargeable / SPO2 OLED Fingertip Pulse Monitor

Medical Rechargeable Finger Pulse Oximeter SpO2 OLED CE Heart Rate Monitor

Product Description:
The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter offers an affordable, reliable and precise way to check your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels-whenever and wherever. The Pulse Oximeter features a one-button operation to monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) as well as your heart rate (pulse).

Product Operation Scope
Your Blood Oxygen Normal Values are dependent on your health condition, respiratory rate, percentage of oxygen in the air, activities you are performing, and other factors. Medical conditions like COPD, Asthma, Lung cancer and cancer treatments like chemotherapy, and smoking habit can affect the lung’s capacity to transfer oxygen to the blood, thus bringing down your blood oxygen levels in a permanent way. The best place to get the answer to your questions is in your doctor’s office.

SpO2 Normal Values
A normal healthy person should be able to achieve normal SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) of 94% to 99%. For patients with mild respiratory diseases, the SpO2 should be 90% or above. Supplementary oxygen should be used if SpO2 level falls below 90%, which is unacceptable for a prolonged period of time.
The blood oxygen level and the pulse rate are, to a degree, affiliated with each other but there is no strict direct correlation between the two. For example, a baby, a teenager a young adult and an elderly person in good health should all have a blood oxygen level of 94 or higher but the pulse in a baby can be 115 beats per minute while the other three people can average between 60 to 72 beats per minute. When you consider other variables like diet, and exercise regiment the changes in pulse can be even more dramatic. A good example of such dramatic variations is marathon runners. Marathon runners can bring their pulse to as low as 35 bpm while maintaining a blood oxygen level of 97% or higher. This is due to the great conditioning of their bodies which makes the blood circulation so efficient that their hearts work very little to circulate the same amount of blood compared to nonrunners.


Dual color OLED display Free carrying case and lanyard.
Low-power consumption, Continuous use for more than 6 hours. Small in volume, light in weight and convenient to carry.
8 seconds intelligent automatic shutdown. Battery level indicator.


Display OLED display
 SpO2 Measurement range: 70~99%
Resolution: ±1%
Accuracy: ±3% (70%~99%), unspecified (<70%)
Pulse rate Measurement range: 30~240 bpm

Resolution: ±1%
Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2% (select larger)
Low Perfusion ≤0.4%

 Power Rechargeable lithium battery
 Automatic power-off  Automatically power off when no signal in

the oximeter for more than 8 seconds

 Dimension and net weight 61.8mm*33.1mm*26.3mm   24g
 Packing measurement Product box size: 90mm*60mm*37mm;   G.W.:55.4g/pc

Carton box size:345mm*230mm*410mm; 100pcs/ctn G.W.6.5kg

Package Content
1 Finger Pulse Oximeter
1 English Manual
1 Type-C cable
1 Built-in lithium battery
1 Portable Storage Bag
1 Lanyard

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