HP 950 951 Refillable Cartridge

Refill ink cartridge for HP 950 951 with permanent chips

Product Description
Brand: Alps HP 950 951 Refillable Cartridge
Cartridge Model: hp950k/hp951c/hp951m/hp951y
Color: black / blue / red / yellow

Applicable machines:
HP officejet pro 8100 eprinter /8600-N911
8600 e-AIO printer/8600 Plus e-AIO printer

The Cikuan cartridges can be your previous chip on the cartridge, such as your own chip damage which may be purchased with the use of the chip, these chips ink level detection for gray (not shown, does not affect use)

To fill cartridges:
1 Easy to install with ordinary cartridges installed, the printer without any improvement;
2 Transparent box, the amount of ink at a glance, split design at any time with any one cartridge and ink alone;

Remove the cartridge refilling hole rubber stopper the refilling hole-up display on the desktop to extract the right amount of ink from the ink bottle with a syringe from the cartridge refilling hole injection, the injected amount of ink cartridges capacity two-thirds appropriate , Note exhausted, and the refilling hole the glue sesse back.

1 Refilling, not the needle tube is inserted into the cartridge too deep, to avoid the needle punctured the the intimal result Loumo of the print cartridge.
2 Ink, ink volume observation of injection, so as to avoid ink too surface leakage.
3 Refilling ink stick on the chip must be dry or blow dry with a hair dryer to be installed to use, so as not to cause a short circuit.
4 When refilling, to inject quality assurance ink, should not be injected into the inferior ink blocked nozzles and other damage to the printer in order to avoid trouble.
5 Installed and no artificial tear in addition to the ink outlet sealing, automatic sprinkler head puncture can make.
6 Filled cartridge machine before first original cartridge initialization uses to fill the cartridges.

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