Dual Speaker Low Voltage Buzzer Indicator Alarm

Dual Speaker Low Voltage Buzzer Indicator alarm for 2S/3S/4S Lipo battery

1. This Lipo Battery Alarm is only good for 2 Cells 7.4V and 3 Cells 11.1V 4 Cells 14.8V Lipo Batteries
2. this micro device can measure lipo from 7.4v to 14.8v (2s to 4s), it will sound up to 95dB if your lipo cell voltage drop to 3.3v
3. It is also a good device for quick test for your lipo before flight, and it can use as inflight alarm if you not sure the maximum flight time.
4. Required the balance charger plug in the battery
5. Each LiPo cell = 3.7V (nominal) no matter how many cells are in parallell
6. Each LiPo cell has a Minimun charged voltage of 4.25V before damage, and Risk of Fire occurs
7. The Alarm sounds and red lights to warn you when the battery voltage is too low.It can prevent your lipo battery damaged due to low voltage.
8. Weight: about 7 g

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