Heat Insulation Silicone Pad 340x230x4mm

340*230*4mm Heat-resistant Heat Gun Maintenance BGA Soldering Station Repair Insulation Pad Insulator Pad Desk Mat

Product Description:

Size: L34CM*W23CM*H4MM
Material: Patience high-temperature materials
Maintenance: Water washing detergent or soft cloth

Maintenance pads can withstand high temperature hot air gun temperature, can be well protected repair station, not high temperature blowing coke, mat itself has a certain viscosity, in dismantling the phone when you can play the role of non-slip, another mat itself poly thermal characteristics, heat gathered on the mat, blowing welding CPU is also very convenient, the most rare is this mat afraid of corrosion, you can use water or
other solvents that day directly scrub , and almost any glue stick, such as AB glue, instant glue, etc., to stick adhesive coated on the mat, and so glue dry, gently tear it down.

This product can withstand 500 degrees temperature prolonged use will not be deformed, not smoke, does not emit disgusting smell. Normal use of air gun temperature is generally 200 to 380 degrees, 500 degrees to really go on, the phone can also be estimated scrap board, due process issues, there will be a little color point cushion surface or impurity, which is a normal phenomenon, no effect on the quality of, heat expands when heated, heated non-toxic odor, there muster phenomenon expands, it will restore it after
cooling, the expansion from the drum which is normal physical phenomena, Earth science and technology can not be resolved .