Raspberry Pi Zero Official Case

Raspberry Pi Zero W Official Case RPI Zero Box Cover Shell Enclosure Cases compatible for Raspberry Pi Zero V 1.3 Pi0

Product Description:
The Raspberry Pi Zero Official Case has been designed to fit both the Pi Zero V1.3 and the Pi Zero W.
The case consists of two parts. It has a standard base featuring a cut-out to allow access to the GPIO, and a choice of three lids: a plain lid, a GPIO lid (allowing access to the GPIO from above), and a camera lid (which, when used with the short camera cable supplied, allows the Raspberry Pi Camera or Camera Noir to be fitted neatly inside it)

Material: ABS
3 different cover board
Color: White & Red
Use For: Raspberry Pi Zero v 1.3 and Raspberry Pi Zero W
Camera Cable Length: 37 mm

Package include:
1 Base
3 Lids (plain, GPIO, camera)
4 x rubber feet
( not include Raspberry Pi Zero )

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