MECHANIC BGA Solder Flux Paste XG-40

MECHANIC BGA Solder Flux Paste Soldering Tin Cream Sn63/Pb37 25-45um XG-40 10CC

Product Description:
unique chemical formula provides excellent wetting, to ensure high reliability.
Use of efficient energy thixotropic agents, printing and preheating collapse, special solder ensure a good printing and fine pattern can be effectively prevented.
More advanced insulation technology, tack lasting, easy to change to dry, the viscous time up to 48 hours or more.
High-end quality, a unique formula, perfect performance, easy to weld, solder joint is bright and full, no Weld, false welding phenomenon;
The residue is colorless and transparent, does not affect the detection, disposable and excellent cleaning performance.
Wetting, anti-dry, relatively long shelf life at room temperature, adapted to the mobile phone repair industry, the computer digital service industry, high-precision circuit board SMT soldering, BGA welding process, and so on!
Unique high-quality solder paste (the best configuration Ingredients: Sn63/Pb37), fine and flexible packaging (10 cc / support), delicate appearance, anti-counterfeiting packaging, opened anti-counterfeiting labels and call our national toll-free hotline, enter the corresponding bar code you can check true or false, the national toll-free hotlin.

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