Rain Sensor Module

Snow/Raindrops Detection Sensor Module Rain Weather Module Humidity For Arduino

Foliar Rain Sensor Module Sensitive Sensor Module

Product Description:
Robot kits, rain, rain sensor, can be used to monitor a variety of weather conditions, and turned into several fixed output signal and AO.

1. The sensor uses a high -quality double-sided FR-04 materials, the large area of 5.0\\\’\\\’ 4.0CM, and nickel -plated surface, effective against oxidation, conductivity, superior performance and lifetime areas;
2. The comparator output signal clean waveform is good, driving ability, than 15mA;
3. Power bits adjust the sensitivity;
4. Working voltage 3.3V-5V
5. The output format: Digital switching output ( 0 and 1 ) and analog voltage output AO;
6. With bolt holes for easy installation
7. A small board PCB size : 3.2cm x 1.4cm
8. Using a wide voltage LM393 comparator

Connect the 5V power supply, power indicator light, sensor board does not drop when, DO output is high, the switch lights off, dripping a drop of water, DO output is low, the switch indicator light,
Brush above water droplets, has returned to the output high state. . . .
AO analog output can be connected to the microcontroller detects AD mouth drops of rain in the above size.
DO TTL digital outputs can also be connected to the microcontroller detects whether there is rain .

1. VCC: positive power supply (3-5V)
2. GND: tied to power supply
3. DO: TTL switching signal output
4. AO: analog output


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