V-tie Adhesive Silicone

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V-tie Adhesive DIY Self Setting Silicone Make Hooks epoxy resin liquid Fix Reform Repair 7g

Product Description:
V-tie is increadibly easy to mould.Just shape it by hand like playdough,it sticks to most materials,and overnight turns into a silicone rubber.Color brown,white,yellow,pink,blue available
The exciting new air-curing rubber for gadget lovers / outdoor types / designer-makers / car enthusiasts / photographers / home improvers and anyone who wants to improve or repair their stuff.

Fix & Form, Insulated, Repair and Reinforce
Self Setting Silicone, Heatproof & Waterproof
Like Play Dough
Bonds to Anything
Become Strong Overnight

Color: White, Coffee, Red, Yellow, Blue
Each Color V-tie Sugru was packed in one small bag.
Weight: 7g/small bag
Brand name: V-tie

Tips for Dear Customers while you use Sugru:
1. Once receiving V-tie Silicone, put it into refrigerator to extend its period of use.
2. If two bags mix together, pls mix them together evenly at least 3 mins, or it won’t be hard.
3. Pls form it within 30 minutes. And after 24 hours to make it completely form!
4. As V-tie Silicone is not water-proof, pls avoid wet place while handling and forming it.
5. Once the bag is open, which can only be used at one time due to react in the atmosphere.

1. Wash hands before using.
2. Mould flexible silicone within 30 mins once opened. Become Hard after 24 hours.
3. Keep away from children to avoid the child mistakenly eating.
4. Those with sensitive skin should avoid contact with the uncured product.
5 Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Packaging Details:
1 V-tie Sugru Small Bag 7g