Analog 2 Ch Virtual Oscilloscope 16 Ch Logic Analyzer


ISDS205C 2CH Digital Oscilloscope 20M Virtual oscilloscope Spectrum/Logic Analyzer Data Recorder SPI IIC UART

Product Description:
ISDS205C dual-channel digital oscilloscope, with «low-cost, high-performance» as the design goals. well-designed bandwidth of 20M, 48M sampling rate, 2 channels, alternating support X, Y and XY alternating pattern of two-channel virtual oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data recorder and logic analyzer.
Logic analyzer support our Logic software, SPI, IIC, UART, etc.17 kinds protocol analysis.
The device communicate with the PC via high speed USB2.0.

Digital oscilloscope:
Channels: 2
Impedance: 1M ohm 25pF
Coupling: AC/DC
Vertical resolution: 8Bit
Gain range: -6V ~ 6V(probe X1),-60V ~ 60V(probe X10)
Vertical accuracy: ±3%
Timebase range: 1ns-20s
Input Protection: Diode,50Vpk
Autoset: 10Hz to 20MHz
Trigger Mode: Auto, Normal and Signal
Trigger Source: CH1, CH2
Buffer Size: 1MB/CH
Bandwidth: 20MHz
Max sample: 48MS/s
Vertical mode: CH1, CH2, ADD, SUB, MUL
Display Mode: X, Y-T and X-Y
measurements: Yes
Wave save: Osc(Private), Excel and Bmp

Spectrum analyzers:
Channels: 2
Bandwidth: 20MHz
Algorithm: FFT(18 windows), correlation, power spectrum
FFT points: 8-1048576/CHN
FFT measure: Harmonic(1-7),SNR,SINAD,ENOB,THD,SFDR
Filter processing: FIR filter supports arbitrary range of frequency sampling method , and Rectangle,bartlett, triangular, cosine, hanning, bartlett_hanning, hamming, blackman, blackman_Harris,tukey, Nuttall, FlatTop, Bohman, Parzen, Lanczos, kaiser, gaussand dolph_chebyshev, window method design.IIR filter support «Butterworth», «Chebyshev I», «Chebyshev II», «Elliptic» type of filter design

Data recorder:
Channel: 2
Impedance: 1M ohm 25pF
Coupling: AC/DC
Vertical resolution: 8Bit
Gain range: -6V ~ 6V(probe X1),-60V ~ 60V(probe X10)
Sample: 1 channel 1K-24MHZ 2 channel 1K-16MHZ
Save File: The maximum 4G, recording time associated with the sampling rate

Logic Analyzer:
Channel: 16
Sample: 8 channel 250K-24Mhz,16 channel 250K-16MHz
Sample points: 1M-2GB

Logic Analyzer:
Channel: 8
Sample: 8 channel 25K-24Mhz
Protocol Analyzer: Atmel SWI,BiSS C,SPI,I2C,CAN,UART,I2S/PCM,DMX-512,JTAG,LIN,Manchester,1-WIRE,UNI/O,Simple Parallel,MDIO,USB1.1,PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse
Sample points: 1M-2GB
Size: 15(cm)*10(cm)*2.9(cm)

User Manual
Software Download

2 Probes for oscilloscope
1 Probe for logic analyzer
1 USB cable
1 CD

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