Alkaline Water Stick

AlkalineAlkaline Water Stick PH Hydrogen Negative ION Ionizer Minerals Wand Health Water Purifier Filter Treatment Travel Size

Product Description:
Alkaline Water Stick contains tourmaline ceramics, water soluble calcium carbonate, coral fossil, dechlorine ceramics and black stone. Alkaline Water Stick contains natural ores and these ingredients are dissolved out into water. These ores decompose and remove chlorine and other unpleasant odors as well as alkalinize water. The Rejuvenator Alkaline Stick changes tap water into negative alkaline ionized water. Helps Alkalize, Hydrate and Detoxify your Body.* 70% of our body is water. Therefore, it is obvious that consuming clean, healthy water is very important for basic human health.

Change your water, change your life!
Alkaline Water Alkalizes your body!
A simple, convenient, and portable device that changes tap water or bottled water into high pH, antioxidant, micro-clustered, oxygenated alkaline drinking water.
Comes Complete in Tube Case & Instruction Sheet with Pictures

The endorsement of metabolism, for the cell to add moisture
500cc water PH enhanced to 9.5 and ORP -200 in 10 minutes.
To improve the acidic, it can increase the water pH and balance the body fluids
Can maintain the water activity, so that the body metabolism becomes more resourceful
The small molecules of water (48.6Hz), more easily engrossed by the body
Can prompt that the water is rich in trace elements
The promotion of a brain wave activity, improve attention and memory.

The stick must be put into distilled water, pure water, boiled tap water, bottled mineral water and gently shaken for sometime
Each bottle of water can be changed into negative potential small molecule, «calcium ion activity of alkaline water».
Directly into a variety of cup container, the calcium alkaline water generator and the stick can be put. The negative potential of small molecules «active calcium alkaline water» can be made.

Tourmaline, maifanite, Anion energy stone, p ball and far-infrared negative potential particle.
Body is 304 Stainless Steel Comes in plastic carrying case – easy to carry & store

Don’t put the Water Stick into water overnight or for a long period of time. One stick can filter 800L water. If one person drink 3L water per day, life span is almost 2 years. Water Sticks are no longer active when chlorine taste and/or smell is present.

Packaging Details:
1 Power Health Ion Alkaline Water Stick with tube and english instruction

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