8×8 LED RGB Matrix Dot Screen Driver Board

RGB Matrix Dot Driver

Full-color 8×8 LED RGB Matrix Dot Screen Driver Board for Arduino FZ0455

Product Description:
Full-color RGB dot matrix driver board is designed specifically for RGB full color dot matrix a the (for) control panel module, this module in addition to independent drive to the RGB dot matrix, but also can be used as a an (for) control panel to use. Very convenient and practical, on-board chip ATmega 328 chip, board above leads to the ISP interface, you can always give 328 chip programmer bootloader. The drawback is that unlike other (for) Uno board, did not lead to a corresponding I / 0 I out, but leads to some of the IIC interface and power supply interface.

6-bit color support;
Support hardware 16MHz PWM
Without any external circuit
Dedicated GPIO and ADC interface
To support hardware URAT and IIC communication
24-channel constant current channel for each channel current up to 100mA
8-channel source driver constant current channel current of each channel up to 500mA
Working power: +5 V to +5.3 V.
Working Current: 300mA.
Operating temperature range: -10 Degree to +50 Degree

Hardware Features:
Support multiple cascaded without hardware settings.
Supports RGB the three monochrome display and mixed-color display.
Dot matrix sequence plane rectangular coordinate system, to facilitate understanding.
(For) development board power supply or external independent power supply.
When multiple cascade, if the color is too dark, can improve the power supply voltage to 5.2v. Do not exceed 5.4V.
A plurality of cascaded, the data line is always connected to No. 1 on the daughter board. (Origin (0,0) where the sub-board for the 1st sub-board)

NOTE: This is just driver board, if you want to buy60mm three-color full-color RGB common anode LED Display Screen (dot), please click the link: https://laborja.wordpress.com/venta/arduino/88-rgb-led-matrix-screen/

How to use

Package Included:
1 8×8 LED RGB Matrix Dot Screen Driver Board

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