CNC Shield v3 Engraving Machine

v3 4 v3 1 v3 2

CNC Shield v3 Engraving Machine / 3D Printer / + 4pcs A4988 Driver Expansion Board

Product Description:
This expansion board as a driver expansion board, can be used for engraving machines, 3D printers, CNC. It is a total of four slots, can drive four A4988 stepper motor. Each road stepper motors only need two IO ports. In other words, six IO ports can be well managed three stepper motors. Very convenient to use.
UNO for Arduino module IO port correspondence introduction:

IO corresponding figure above:
GRBL Pin Layout

Note: When inserting the A4988 module, must be careful not to insert opposite. Stepper motor wiring as follows: 2A, 2B is a group (red, green), 1A, 1B is a group (blue, yellow), if want to change direction, can be change the position of one group , for example 2A, 2B mutually exchanged.

Download XLoader
Download Firmware
Download Software GRBL Controller 3.6.1

Shipping list:
1 CNC Shield v3
4 A4988 Driver
4 Heatsink

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