K1 Wire Cable Connection


K1 Wire Cable Connection Wire Terminals Quick-Fit Splicing Head k1 Wire Connector K1 Joint Connector For Telephone Cable

Product Description:
1. K1 Wire Connector, two wire inline joints on telephone drop wire of phosphor bronze with plated tin conductors, which will be suitable for crimping tool shown.
2. All materials is suitable for operation in the tropic with maximum temperature up to 80oC.
3. All materials used in the connectors shall be non-toxic and dermatologically safe.
4. Connectors can retain the electrical & mechanical properties in the test report over working temperature range -30oC to 70oC and humidity range of 0% to 95%
5. Material: Plastic Casing, Gel-Filled Inside; It belongs to UY type wire conductors butt splice, which changed complicated traditional cable wire twist and soldering connection method; Insert two conductors separately into two ports without stripping conductors’ insulation; Crimp or squeeze the yellow button onto the inside two conductors with a pliers (here is not included.); Now you finished it; Gel-filled inside design promises an air-tight environment for conductors; Good quality and exquisitely design offer corrosion-resistant function to protect the connection against air and moisture.

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