2 in 1 SATA to IDE Adapter or IDE to SATA Converter

IDE Adapter a IDE Adapter b IDE Adapter c2 in 1 SATA to IDE Adapter IDE to SATA Converter 40 pin 2.5″ inch Hard Disk Driver Support for ATA 133 100 HDD CD DVD Adaptor

Product Description:
Ideal tool for data backups, recovery and transferring
Using this adapter, you can convert all Serial ATA type
devices CD-ROM/ CD-RW/ DVD/ DVD-RAM/ HDD into a new IDE device
or using this adapter convert all IDE type devices CD-ROM/ CD-RW/ DVD/ DVD-RAM/ HDD into a new Serial ATA device
Provide a high performance, economic and reliable solution to
use peripherals with Serial ATA interface
Support the Serial ATA transfer rate of 1.5 Gb/s (150 MB/s) on the serial side and is compatible with ultra ATA-133 on the parallel ATA side
Mini board size, no space wasted
One 40 pin IDE port
One 4 pin power connector
One Serial ATA port
Convert parallel ATA to Serial ATA
Support ATA 100/133
Compliant with Serial ATA specification
Data transfer rate up to 150 Mbps
Support IDE drive larger than 240GB
Power cable with 4 pin power connector
Plug and play
Support Windows 98/ SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP 7 8

Original box: NO
Color: Black
Item size: 51*45*5(max)mm
Net weight: 29g
Package weight: 38g

Packing content:
1 IDE to SATA Converter
1 SATA Cable
1 Power Cable

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