ZMPT101B Active Single Phase Voltage Transformer Module

Active Single Phase Voltage Transformer Module AC Output Voltage Sensor Mutual Inductance Amplifier for Arduino Mega ZMPT101B

Product Description:
Single-phase AC active output voltage mutual inductance module equipped with ZMPT101B series of high-precision voltage transformer and high-precision op amp current, easy to 250v within the AC power signal acquisition.

Voltage Transformer: Onboard Precision Micro Voltage Transformer
Operational amplifier circuit: high-precision on-board amplifier circuit, the signal to do the exact sampling and appropriate compensation and other functions
Mode voltage output: the module can measure AC voltage within 250V, the corresponding output mode can be adjusted
Output signal: the output signal for the sine wave, the waveform of the median (DC component)
Supply voltage: 5-30v

Adjust the potentiometer can change the amplitude of the output waveform (the adjustment process does not change the middle value)
The waveform changes in the range of 0-VCC between; in the process of increasing the amplitude if the waveform distortion, can be appropriately increased by working voltage VCC to solve,
If the median value of the waveform is shifted to 0, a capacitor of about 105 pF can be connected in series at the OUT terminal to filter the DC component in the waveform.

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