Mini Victory L298N MX1508 PWM 2 Channel DC Motor Driver

2 DC Motor Driver Module Reversing PWM Speed Dual H Bridge Stepper Motor Mini Victory L298 MX1508

Product Description:
Motor drive module is very suitable for use in battery powered smart car, toy car, robot and so on, the supply voltage of 2V~10V can simultaneously drive two DC motor or 1 4 line 2 phase stepper motor, can achieve positive and speed control function, each current to 1.5A continuous current. The peak current is up to 2.5A, with thermal protection and automatic recovery.

Product highlights:
1 imported professional motor driver chip, built-in low conduction resistance switch MOS, heating minimum, without radiator, small volume, energy saving, is your ideal choice for battery powered.
(L298N internal transistor switch, low efficiency, high fever, without heat, heavy volume, the market of L298N is easy to burn out, do not use the original chips, this product can be the perfect replacement.)
2 dual 1.5A*2, peak current to 2.5A, built-in overheat protection circuit, do not be afraid of motor stalling burn, automatic recovery after falling temperature. (the smart car voltage and current on the market are within this range)
3 small size, light weight, 0 standby current, is your ideal choice for vehicle model

Product parameters:
H bridge motor dual drive, and can drive two DC motor or 1 line 4 phase stepper motor;
The voltage of the power supply module 2V-10V;
The signal input voltage 1.8-7V;
Single channel current of 1.5A, peak current up to 2.5A, low standby current (less than 0.1uA);
The built-in common conduction circuit, the input end is suspended, the motor will not malfunction;
The built-in overheat protection circuit with hysteresis effect (TSD), there is no need to worry about motor stall;
Product size: 24.7*21*5mm (LxWxH), ultra small size, suitable for assembly and vehicle;
Mounting hole diameter: 2 mm.
Weight: 5g

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