Smart Robot Car Acrylic Chassis 4WD N20 Gear Motor

Transparency Acrylic 4WD Robot Car Chassis Platform N20 Gear Motor

Product Description:
Acrylic N20 Smart car (four-drive), a complete version of the robot model Smart car chassis, two-layer structure, small size. The cart contains four high-end N20 mini full metal gear motor.

Mini 4WD car chassis
High load capacity

Size: 90 * 90mm
Height: 55mm
Model: SN130
Layer distance: 20mm

N20 Motor Parameters:
3V, the no-load current 30ma, speed of about 40 revolutions per minute
When 6V, no-load current 50ma, the rotational speed of about 76 revolutions per minute
Steering method: speed Differential same as tank