3D LED Light Cube 4x4x4 DIY Shield

4x4x4 LED Light Cube Kit 3D LED DIY Kit Electronic Suite

Product Description:
4x4x4 Light Cube Kit uses 64 cuboid LED, and controlled by Arduino. Expansion board uses two 74HC595 shift register chips, using eight I/Os can light the 4x4x4 Light Cube, it’s hardware resources needed is less than other 4x4x4 light cubic expansion board (needs 20 I/Os to control).

Electrical parameters:
Control module:arduino control board
PCB size: 61*74mm
LED color: Green/Blue/Yellow/Red

1). This kit is 4x4x4 light cubic expansion board, without arduino control chip or control module.
2). Provide with arduino library, but there has less display effects,if you need more effects, you need to compile by yourself.

Module description:
33The 0~15 slot of Diagram is used for inserting LED anode; D16~D19 slot is used for inserting the LED cathode.

Expansion board and Arduino control pins:
74HC595 pin             Arduino
SH                                    0
ST                                     1
OE                                    2
DS                                    3

D16                                  4
D17                                  5
D18                                  6
D19                                  7