Wind Turbine Power

H Turbine

Miniature dc wind power wind turbine model demonstration teaching tool to drive the LED model DIY production technology

Product Description:
The small wind turbine driven motor fan model demonstration small volume, good demonstration effect, is a very good wind power demonstration teaching tool, can also be used for making all sorts of small technology production, model making, etc.

The generator size:
The motor diameter: 24.5 mm
Motor height: 34.2 mm (including front and rear bearing sleeve)
The output shaft diameter: 2.0 mm output shaft length: 13.5 mm
The wind leaf total diameter: 90 mm
The blades aperture: 1.95 mm

Electricity parameters:
Power generation modes: DC
Output voltage: 0.1-12 v
Output current: 0.01-0.3 – A
Rated speed: 200-6000 revolutions per minute

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