LED RGB 5050 SMD Ultra Bright

Free shipping - ultra bright 5050 RGB led smd,50000h lifespan,low light decay,can large supply

5050 SMD LED Ultra Bright RGB Light Diode Lamp

Product Description:
The 5050 1chip SMD LED series is available in orange, red, yellow, blue, green, white, etc.
Utilizing advanced InGaN chip technology. The white LED which was fabricated using a blue LED and a phosphor, and the phosphor is excited by blue light and emits yellow fluorescence the mixture of blue light and yellow light results in white emission
The low current requirement makes the device ideal for portable equipment or other application where power is at a premium.

Longer Life Span
Surface Mount package
Faster Turn-on time
High flux output
High current capability
Lower Maintenance Cost
White package
Optical indicator
Colorless clear window
Ideal for backlight and light pipe application
Inter reflector
Wide Viewing Angle
Suitable for automatic placement requipment
Suitable for reflow and wave solder processes
Available on tape and reel (8mm tape)
Pb free
Rohs compliant

Indicator and backlight for audio and vedio equipment
Indicator and backlight for office and family equipment
Flat backlight for LCD’s, switches and symbols
Light pipe application
General use

Max. Reverse Current: 10uA
Dice materials: AlGalnP and InGaN
Color: RGB
Colloid color: water transparent
Max. Forward Voltage: 2.0-3.0v
Forward voltage (typical):
Red: 2.0V
Green: 3.2V
Blue: 3.2V
Dominant wavelength:
Red: 622nm
Green: 522nm
Blue: 465nm
Luminous intensity (typical):
Red: 300mcd
Green: 1100mcd
Blue: 170mcd
Package Type: Surface Mount
Type: LED
Emission: Full color
Max. Forward Current: 20mA
Max. Reverse Voltage: 5v
Model Number: A-5050-RGB
Viewing angle: 130 degrees

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