2.4G Wireless Module TLG10UA03


2.4G Wireless Module TLG10UA03 Embedded Uart-Wifi Module (UART WiFi Network Server/Client ) IEEE802.11b

Product Description:

Intelligent transportation networks, such as wireless credit card machine;
Instrumentation, equipment parameter monitoring, Microfinance payment networks, such as wireless POS machines;
Industrial networking equipment, such as wireless sensors;
WIFI remote control, WIFI toys (model aircraft, remote control cars)
WIFI POS machine, WIFI, electronic scales, WIFI chip control applications
Ethernet switch WIFI, etc. No software driver WIFI applications, as well as WIFI networking solutions.

Communication distance:
Outdoor 150 meters (11Mmbps) 300 (1Mbps)
Indoor 30 meters (11Mmbps) 100 (1Mbps)

With the phone, PAD communications, using a mobile phone, PAD control your devices can be easily achieved.
Uart-Wifi is based Uart Interface wifi wireless network standards-compliant embedded module, built-in wireless networking protocol IEEE802.11 protocol stack and TCP / IP protocol stack, enabling users to serial data conversion between the wireless network. By Uart-Wifi module, the traditional serial devices can easily access the wireless network.
The first two generations of products based on a comprehensive hardware and software upgrades, more powerful, easier to use. Full support for transparent data transfer mode serial, serial truly plug and play.

• Full support for serial transparent data transfer mode, really
• Positive Serial Plug and Play
• The new AT command set, all based on ASCII
• format, easy to understand, easier to use
• more complete TCP / IP protocol stack to support
• DHCP protocol and DNS dynamic IP address assignment
• domain name resolution function
• Built-in WEB server, implemented using IE browser
• Remote configuration via the wireless network module parameters
• Supports Frequency range: 2.412 ~ 2.484 GHz
• supports two types of wireless networks:
• Infrastructure Network (Infra) and ad hoc networks (Adhoc)? Support multiple security authentication mechanisms:
• WEP64/WEP128 / TKIP / CCMP (AES)
• Support for fast networking
• Supports wireless roaming
• Other
• Support for multiple network protocols:
• TCP / UDP / ICMP / DHCP / DNS / HTTP supports automatic two operating mode and command support transparent transmission mode
• Support AT command set controls
• Support for a variety of parameter configuration mode:
• Serial / WEB server / wireless connection

Can be used in:
Serial to WiFi, SPI turn WiFi, TTL turn WiFi;
WiFi Remote Control / Monitoring, TCP / IP and Wi-Fi coprocessor;
WiFi remote control cars, planes, robots and other toys areas;
WiFi Internet radio, camera, digital photo frame;
Medical instrumentation, data acquisition, handheld devices;
WiFi fat, said smart card terminals; domestic intelligence;
WiFi Network Topology

Wifi wireless network includes two types of topologies: Basic net (Infra) and ad hoc networks (Adhoc), to explain the form of wireless network topology, you need to first understand the two basic concepts: AP, which is the wireless access point is creator of a wireless network, the center of the network nodes. We generally use home or office wireless router to an AP.
STA, the site, each one connected to a wireless network terminal (such as laptops, PDA and other devices can be networked users) can be called a site.
A) the basis for the formation of AP-based wireless networks (Infra)
Infra: also called the base network, is created by the AP, which consists of a number of STA joins the wireless network, the characteristics of this type of network is the center of the network AP, all communication network via an AP to forward complete.
The underlying network topology

User Manual
Wifi Software
Test File

Package Included:
1 Wifi module
1 Antenna

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