New Crius MWC MultiWii Lite V1.0 Flight Controller Board for Multicopter Quad-X
CRIUS MWC Lite Flight Controller Board

– Small size, 35x35mm mounting holes
– 6 input channels for standard receiver and PPM SUM receiver
– Up to 8-axis motor output
– 2 servos output for PITCH and ROLL gimbal system
– A servos output to trigger a camera button
– FTDI/UART TTL socket for debug, upload firmware or LCD display
– I2C socket for extend sensor, I2C LCD/OLED display or CRIUS I2c-GPS NAV board
– Separate 3.3V and 5V LDO voltage regulator
– ATMega 328P Microcontroller
– MPU6050 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit
– On board logic level converter

Flight mode:
– One of the following basic mode
– Acro
– Level

– Dimension: 40mmX40mm
– Height: 11.6mm
– Weight: 9.0g
– Fixing hole spacing: 35mm (It can be changed to 45mm by CRIUS Distribution Board)
– Hole diameter: 3mm

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