Upgrade Blades Propeller DJI Cheerson WLToys

CX-20 PropellerUpgrade Blades Propeller DJI Cheerson WLToys

Product Description:
Good news! This self-locking prop more easier to install and save cost more.
It is also suitable to DJI Phantom, Cheerson, WLToys and get more pulling force with this prop.
This 1 pair Red CW CCW propeller fit for DJI Cheerson WLToys.

Item Name: Propeller
Color: Red
Material: AB glue
Quantity: one CW and one CCW
Usage: for
DJI phantom 1
DJI Phantom 2
DJI Phantom 2V
DJI phantom 2V+
Cheerson CX-20
WLtoys V303
WLtoys V393

More strength,the quality of the same strength is much higher than other materials ,which can reduce the gyroscopic effect of rotating the head.
High hardness and elastic deformation is very small, which can increase the flexibility of the quadcopter.

Package Included:
1 Propeller prop CW
1 Propeller prop CCW

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