USBASP USBISP AVR Programmer USB ATMEGA8 ATMEGA128 Support Win7 64Bit

Product Description:
1. The latest revision, the main chip ultra-small package, big crystal, crystal replacement for the stable crystal than the small size!
2. The 2,500 Ma 0805 package imports of high-quality resettable fuse to protect your precious computer USB port!
3. At the cost of using the red and blue color indicator, usually bright red lights burning when the bright blue LEDs
4. The indicator of housing lights hole. Impartial! This is a professional! The dedicated housing assembly (which can be purchased in the shop, you need to shell please click )
5. 75 cm high quality gray cable, to ensure ease of use!
6. No deletion of any device, filtering, decoupling capacitance is a lot! Zener diode is still standing!
7. The use of the public version of burning software ( resolutely resist the rogue / Refuse nature, burning software )
8. Real free driver , plug into computer USB port, the computer system will automatically drive up!
9. The antistatic packaging bags unified packaging sealing machine sealed airtight, impermeable!

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