Alamode Development Board

Alamode 1Alamode 2

Alamode – Raspberry Pi Plate development board 5V Micro-USB socket for Power In Micro-SD card for data storage ARD10251P

Product Description:
Alamode is an Arduino compatible development board that extends that lovin’ feeling to the Raspberry Pi. With Raspberry Pi ‘A la Mode, you can write a program on the Pi in any language you want, to control or monitor your Arduino application, making Internet integration and control super easy. In addition you can even program the AlaMode directly from the Pi. Or, turning things around, think of Raspberry Pi as a highly capable ethernet and display shield for the Alamode!

Fully compatible with Arduino, including Arduino shields
Plugs in to Raspberry-Pi GPIO header
Voltage safe – Bidirectional translator automagically converts between 3.3V for Raspberry-Pi and 5V for Arduino
Same form factor as Raspberry-Pi
5V Micro-USB socket for Power In
Servo Headers with alongwith GND and 5V headers for easy connection of 3 wire servos
Micro-SD card for data storage and Arduino use
High precision RTC chip with battery backup (CR1632 battery not included). Possible to set time on Raspberry-Pi without Internet connection
Convenient headers for FTDI, ICSP, Analog Reference (3V3 or 5V0), GPS module,
Can be powered independently, or via the Raspberry-Pi 5V supply

Arduino Setup
User Guide with examples

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