WiFi MCU Development Board Using Lua From EMW3165

aeProduct.getSubject()WiFi MCU Wireless WiFi Development Board Using Lua From EMW3165 DIY RC toy EMW 3165 Remote Control

Product Description:
WiFiMCU is developed based on EMW3165 by Headquarters EMW3165. Run the Lua script directly; operate hardware resource; achieve product prototypes. EMW3165 is a low-power embedded WiFi module, which is developed by the Shanghai MXCHIP Technology Co., Ltd. It incorporates a WiFi RF-Chip and a microcontroller based on STM Cortex-M4. The WiFi module includes a «self-hosted» WiFi network library and application components. In addition, it also provides 2M bytes of out-chip flash, 512K bytes of on-chip flash, 128K bytes of RAM, and a rich peripheral resources.

Hardware Feature:
Cortex-M4 microcotroller
100MHz,Cortex-M4 core
2M bytes of SPI flash and 512K bytes of on-chip flash
128K bytes of RAM
22 GPIO Pin
SWD debug interface
Broadcom IEEE 802.11 b/g/n RF Chip
Supports 802.11 b/g/n
WEP, WPA/WPA2, PSK/Enterprise
Receiver sensitivity:-87 dBm
Station,Soft AP and Station+Soft AP
CE, FCC suitable
Operation Temperature:-30 ~ +85

Software Feature:
Lua Interpreter, Serial Interation, WiFi and Net Module, File System, Interface Module
tcp/udp debugging tool.