RAMPS 1.4 3D Printer Control


RAMPS 1.4 3D Printer Control Panel Printer Control Reprap Mendel Prusa

Product Description:
Suitable for: 3d printers have Prusa Mendel.
Technical support and assurance: And official Wiki products, 100% consistent!
Connection method reference (direct download): http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qWoFONM
Advantages: a4988 driver and atmega 2560 with a combination of disassembly to facilitate debugging.

1 It has provisions Cartesian robots and extrusion machines.
2 Extended to control other accessories.
3 Heater / MOSFET fan output and the thermal resistance of the circuit 3.
4 Fusion 5A additional security and component protection
5 Heating control extra bed 11A fuse
6 For 5 Pololu stepper driver board
7.Pololu board pin socket, so they can be easily replaced or removed for future designs.
8 I2C and SPI pins left for future expansion.
9 All of MOSFET PWM pin is hooked into versatility.
10 Servo type connector for connection to the endstop, motors and light-emitting diodes. These connectors are gold-plated, rated current of 3A, very compact.


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