CRIUS CN-06 V2 U-blox GPS Module


CRIUS CN-06 V2 U-blox GPS Module

Product Description:
Standalone GPS receiver
U-blox NEO-6M GPS module
Build in 18X18mm active GPS antenna
UART TTL socket
Rechargeable battery for Backup

Dimension: 22mmX30mm
Height: 13mm
Weight: 12g/14.4g (include cable)
Hole diameter: 3mm

He  CN -06 GPS receiver, using the NEO -6M GPS module with 18 x  18mm active ceramic antenna , with very good positioning .
Switzerland U – Blox is a globally recognized civil strongest GPS module  manufacturers . NEO-6M GPS module is the latest cost-effective products,  positioning the effect of satisfying the market a number of high-quality GPS  receiver to use this module .
CN-06 GPS receiver comes with two LNA amplifier 18 × 18mm active ceramic  antenna signal to noise ratio higher than similar products using a passive  antenna , can enhance the signal quality to a certain extent .
CN-06 GPS receiver with standard UART TTL serial interface , can be used  for flight control . 9600, for example , the MWC adapter I2C using the GPS  default baud rate ( Baudrate ) 115200. Users can easily modify the tool can  FTDI USB- TTL .
Connection with the 328P version of the MWC ,such as flight control of the CRIUS MWC SE v0.2/1.0 or other manufacturers, need to match the I2C GPS navigation pad , flight control has the function of the GPS fixed-point, automatic return and automatic waypoint flight .

1 CN-6 GPS receiver
1 UART 4 Pin cable 300mm

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