AD7705 Dual 16 bit ADC Data Acquisition Module

AD7705 a AD7705 b AD7705 Dual 16 bit ADC Data Acquisition Module Input Gain Programmable SPI Interface TM7705

Product Description:
This product by Ann Fuller electronic design and production, to provide Chinese data, the module schematics and routines (C51, AVR, STM8, STM32F4)
STM32-V5 development board wiring methods: directly into the interface socket NRF24L01 on the can.

3.3V or 5.0V DC power supply
MCU interface: SPI
The main ADC chip: TM7705 (new chip factory in Shenzhen Tianwei, and AD7705 chip is fully compatible)
External LM285-2.5 reference voltage (imported genuine authentic)
The input circuit with a voltage divider resistors and RC filter, enabling customers to change their own gain range
The chip programmable gain amplifier with a gain range: 1-128 times
With a chip buffer amplifier input can be directly connected to the sensor.

Front view: (the actual delivery, 4P pin is not soldered to facilitate the customer\’s own choice of welding direction)

Data Sheet TM7705/AD7705
Arduino Library Github
Arduino Library Zip File Github

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