Heat Shrink Connector


Heat Shrink Connector Butt Solder Sleeve Wire Splices AWG 26-24 22-18 16-14 12-10 Heat Shrink Connector Butt Solder

Product Description:
Solder Sleeves are similar to the Crimp Splice; however, they have the added benefit of having an inner lining of solder that creates the joint when being heated. The outer jacket is a heat shrink material that, by shrinking down to the diameter of the cable, creates a basic environmental barrier. A good example of the use of a solder sleeve is splicing a piece to wire to the braid of a multi-core cable. The Solder Sleeve is robust, simple and effective but does need to be used by an experienced trained assembler; this is because the combination of heat and the fact that you only get one shot to install these means they must be assembled correctly to work effectively.

Designed for wire connection, double solder loop heat shrinkable protection, waterproof finish design products.
Shrinkage 2:1
Contain glue with waterproof function
Hot melt adhesive label size suitable color
Design easy for operation
Operating temperature rang:
Working temperature: – 55degree centigrade~125degree centigrade
Fully contraction temperature: 130degree centigrade
Solder began to melt temperature: 125degree centigrade
Solder completely melt temperature: 150degree centigrade